Ask the Monks

Where can I find Four MonksTM Cleaning Vinegar?

You can find 24 oz spray bottles of Four Monks in Walmart Supercenters across the country. Look for us in the vinegar aisle!

Why is vinegar a good cleaning agent?

Its acetic quality enables it to effectively clean while being safe enough not to harm the body or the environment.

I noticed vinegar has "acidity" on the label. What does it mean?

Acidity refers to the level of acetic acid in the vinegar. Vinegar products are diluted to meet a certain acidity, based on the specific product. Four Monks has 6% acidity, which is 20% stronger than traditional vinegar, but gentle on surfaces.

What is acetic acid and is it the same thing as vinegar?

Acetic acid is a part of vinegar, developed during the fermentation process. It gives vinegar its characteristic smell, taste and cleaning power.

How long does vinegar last?

According to the Vinegar Institute, vinegar has an almost indefinite shelf life. Vinegar's acidic content allows it to be virtually unchanged over time.

What is vinegar made of?

The ingredients in vinegar depend on the type of vinegar produced. Four Monks uses White Distilled Vinegar made from corn. All vinegars are diluted with water to the preferred acidity before bottling.

Is there anything I shouldn’t clean with vinegar?

Yes, there are certain surfaces you should not clean with vinegar. Learn more here >